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I write about identities and reactions and the messiness of overlapping cultures. A lot of coalescing ideas emerge on this page. It is a workstation more than a fully formed entity, so it is as flawed as it is personal. Feedback and thoughts are always appreciated!

Prawesh Dahal of the wonderful Lines and Tales does the artwork for this blog. Take a look at his instagram to delve into a true artistic menagerie.

Other work:

How Fenty’s Moroccan Spice Palette Excludes Moroccan Women From Its Mission of “Inclusivity”.  The Establishment. August 20 2018.

Bollywood’s Commodification of the Delectable Urban Indian Feminist. Kajal Mag. July 16 2018.

Fitna: We Were Too Much of What Couldn’t Be Controlled. Himal Southasian. May 4 2018.

Writing at the Borgen Project here.